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S123 Refresher Brisbane

S123 refresher course brisbaneWhy you need the S1 S2 S3 refresher course

If you’re a team leader or supervisor for a work crew and already hold the S123 units of competency, then this course is for you.  The S1, S2, S3 refresher course will help you to protect the safety and health of persons at the mine and persons who may be affected by mining operations.  This course will help provide you with the knowledge, skills and most importantly the confidence to be able to handle the role of a mining supervisor.

If you already hold the S1, S2, S3 units of competency and are currently working in a supervisory role within metalliferous mining, coal mining, drilling & mining exploration, civil construction or LNG projects; are encouraged to enrol in this course.

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S123 Refresher Brisbane

RIIRIS301D – Apply risk management processes
RIICOM301 – Communicate Information
RIIWHS301 – Conduct safety and health investigations


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Why you need this course

Our S123 Refresher Brisbane course will help you fulfil your legal obligation as a mining supervisor on a mine site under sections 56 of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 and section 51 of the Mining and Quarrying Health and Safety Act 1999 which states;

“A site senior executive must not assign the tasks of a supervisor to a person unless the person—
(a)  is competent to perform the task assigned; and
(b)  if there is a safety and health competency for supervisors recognised by the committee, has the relevant competency.”

Why you need refresher training

The Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2017, section 84, requires that each coal mine worker at the mine, including each worker holding a senior management or supervisory position and each worker holding a certificate of competency, is given refresher training under the mine training scheme at least once in every five years.

The S123 mining supervisor course will help existing

•    Workplace supervisors
•    Mining supervisors
•    Union representatives
•    Safety committee members
•    Safety officers
•    Assistant safety officers
•    Staff responsible for overseeing WHS on mining, extractive industries and construction sites


You will learn how to

•    Conduct and review detailed risk assessments
•    Apply risk management in a supervisory role
•    Conduct inspections
•    Gather and analyse evidence
•    Conduct investigations
•    Determine the cause of the incident
•    Report findings of the investigations
•    Make recommendations to address the issue
•    Communicate information orally and in writing
•    Develop communication skills
•    Participate in negotiations
•    Achieve meeting outcomes
•    Make a presentation


•    Tea and coffee facilities
•    Course material
•    Equipment required to complete the training
•    Training conducted by experienced coal mining specialists
•    Maximum of 12 students per course
•    Extensive knowledge of relevant legislation
•    Theory and practical training
•    Risk management advice for the type of work to be conducted

Course requirements

For the S123 Refresher Brisbane course, it is recommended that participants should have sound language, literacy and numeracy skills.  The participant should contact All Training Services prior to enrolment for a free assessment if they’re unsure whether they meet this requirement.

•    Please read our Student Handbook for student rights and obligations prior to course registration.
•    By enrolling in a course you are deemed to have accepted the policies and procedures of All Training Services
•    Please be at the course 15 minutes prior to commencement of course.
•    Admission after the course has commenced will be left to Management’s discretion.  A 100% fee will be charged for non-attendance if less than 48 hours or no notice is given in writing.


Applicants should be over 18 and must hold a S123 Mine Supervisor “Statement of Attainment” completed within the last 5 years.

Participants must provide

•    Own lunch
•    Own transport
•    Must wear suitable clothing and enclosed in footwear
•    Please bring photo identification as needed for your course

Assessments and Awards


•    Oral presentations
•    Written assessments
•    Practical assessments

Refresher training

The Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulations 2017 Section 84, states:

84 Refresher training

(1) The site senior executive for a coal mine must ensure each coal mine worker at the mine, including each worker holding a senior management or supervisory position and each worker holding a certificate of competency, is given refresher training under the mine’s training scheme at least once every 5 years.

(2) The worker must undergo the training.


The S123 mining supervisor course is nationally recognised.  Students who are deemed ‘Competent’ will be awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment for:

•    RIIRIS301D – Apply risk management processes
•    RIICOM301D – Communicate Information
•    RIIWHS301D – Conduct safety and health investigations

The statement of attainment will be issued by partnering RTO:

•    Col Joy Training Services Pty Ltd (RTO # 6491)

All Training Services can also be found on the firstaidtraining.com.au website

Relevant courses

The S1 S2 S3 supervisor courses can be packaged with other courses of your choice.  Please contact All Training Services for a free quote on course packages and receive significant savings.

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